What We Do For You!

Quantitative Research <br>
Quantitative Research
"How much?"  "How often?"  "How many?"  "Who?" "When?"
Don't drown in data. Get precise about what you want to know with respect to opinions, environments and attitudes. With the use of rigorous statistical analysis to efficiently and effectively treat data, Data Minders Business Research will find the "How much?", "How often?", "How many?", "Who?" and "When?".
We do:
-Econometric studies
-Trend Analysis
-Omnibus Surveys
-Economic Environment Scanning
-Taylor-made Surveys and Analysis
Qualitatitve Research <br>
Qualitatitve Research
"How?" "Why?"
Taking the next steps to research to answer "why" and the "how" events occur is at the core of qualitative research. By discovering the answers to the "Why?" and the "How? of consumer behaviour, employee attitudes and general knowledge, the truth of events may be revealed, therfore making decision-making suck-eye.
Our services in this realm include:
- Case Studies
- Action Research
-Customer Service Analysis
- Focus Groups
- Individual Depth Interviews (IDIs) {One -on-one}
-Internal Staff Research
-Literature Reviews
- Dyads and triads interviews

Problems We Solve

What is the customer perception of your brand?
What are the purchasing behaviours of the different markets?
Are your company's advertising strategies effective?
What effect may the economic environment have your profitability?
What is the profile of potential markets?
Why isn't your business attracting quality labour?
Why aren't you getting the best from your employees?
Is your leadership style motivating employees?
What is the time-series behaviour of your earning?
Is culture affecting your management practices?