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Data Driven
We put data at the centre of formulating.
People Focussed
We complement data with a care for the well-being of clients, employees and stakeholders.
Communication Centred
Openness and honesty with all parties involved in the research process are key.
Solution Creative
Finding options that open possibilities. 

Shaping hard decisions with research

Research is a light that illuminates a dark tunnel. In the darkness, not much can be seen. A choice can hardly be made as to which direction to go and progress is limited, Data Minders Research is one of the lead providers of the "Light". With research that is innovative and out-of-the-box, Data Minders seek to find answers where there appears to be none.
~Data Analysis. Research has so many stages. Some stages you may be capable with, and others, not so much. Let us lighten that load with our data analysis services. We take the complicated and turn it into useful and simple information so you can make the best decisions.
~Research. Whether qualitative and quantitative research, we provide insights that go beyond market analysis. Let us frame your business challenges in innovative ways that will bring solutions that will make your business better.
~Funding Proposals. Ideas are a dime a dozen and can even change the world. But how do you express your intent in a clear precise way to get funding from government ministries or sponsors? Whether you are an individual, an NGO or a Company, we can make your idea into reality.  
Whether it's surveys, data mining, trend analysis, or economy evaluations, we can make your decision-making processes easier.Don't see what you are looking for? Let's talk. We are sure to be able to assist.  
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