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 So sometimes I receive the questionnaires from companies and take the opportunity to identify errors, like the one below:

If you cannot identify the errors, that is why we at DMB Research do what we do. The errors are:

 1.No multiple-choice options. People do search for vacancies on multiple platforms. A possible solution would be to ask which platform is visited the most (“go-to” means different things to different people). 

2.“Go to” is a buzz term. As I said above, it means different things to different people and I could go to many job boards. More standardized terms, free from individual interpretation, should be used. 

3.The option of “Other” is needed. These are not the only platforms that job searchers visit. (I had a friend that received alerts from the British Virgin Islands) 

While one may see these as small errors, they do affect the accuracy of the data. Whatever the result, there will be a reduced chance of proper decision-making because it is the inaccurate findings. Money and resources are therefore wasted all due to 3 small errors. 

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