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Measuring employee culture and engagement

 Second only to customers and investors is the employee, and you should be asking if they are engaged and if the culture encourages positive productivity. I can enter into the theoretical details of both but I think what is most important is your business’ capacity to conduct such surveys. 

So you must ask: 

1.Do my employees feel safe enough to tell whoever we have as the interviewers the truth (especially if they are employees themselves)?

 2.Should you hire a research company to ensure confidentiality? 

3.What is the intent of the surveys, to improve employee work environment or to identify gaps in management?

 4.Is funding available to make changes; big or small?

 All of these questions, and many more, should be considered before conducting employee surveys. But note, according to Simon Sinek“Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders – in that order.” 

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