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 Bigger companies, whether you know it or not, have an advantage over medium or small companies that goes beyond size, reputation, and any other attributes you can quickly think of. Big companies know where to find the intelligence on their sites or social media, and some even take an extensive approach. They see metrics as the new path to success and hire the relevant analysts to match their current needs. Information Technology roles such as database administrators are no longer seen as “the people who fix your computers” but as those who create mechanisms by which big data is collected and stored. With these advancements, bigger companies will continue to have the upper edge on smaller businesses. What can you do? Use the data to which you have access. Yes, you may not have large databases, but Facebook and Google give you metrics on your site's performance. Don’t ignore when you notice your ideal clients having certain characteristics. Apply what you know, no matter how minute to your marketing strategy.

 Keywords: strategy, brand, market research, customer, the consumer.