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Band wagoning in your research

 Some people get excited because they see a new way of research, especially for large companies, without considering the 

1.The cost to the company 

2.The return on the attempt (Is it worth it?)

3.Statistical acceptability (I will not dive into this) 

The fact is, not every new method will apply to the decision you must take or the problem your business faces. To decipher the best method takes years of experience and an eye for detail.For example, I saw earlier in 2021 the use of Social Media as a platform for data collection. But one must question:

 1.Is my entire market on Social Media? 

2.Is the cost worth it, or is there a cheaper, more efficient way?

 3.What about safety issues?

 4.If my market or the target market is not a follower on my business page, how will I specify my sponsorship to get to the target?

 And so many other questions. 

In other words. Think about what you are doing when you see a new method. You may not be at that point as yet. And all you can and should do is prepare for the day when you will be. 

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